Rab is just off the northern coast of Croatia in the Adriatic Sea in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar county. Rab Croatia is one of the most popular islands in the northern Adriatic as beautiful as Dubrovnik is or green woods in Mljet National Park. After Opatija, Rab was one of the first vacation and wellness oases in the Kvarner archipelago region, also known as the pioneer of nudism. Rab offers everything necessary for a great holiday; friendly people, good facilities, nice climate and great beaches.

The island is 22 km (14 mi) long, on an area of 93.6 km2 (36 sq mi) and with 9,328 inhabitants in 2011. The highest peak is Kamenjak at 408 m over the sea. The northeastern side of the island is mostly barren, while the southwestern side is covered by one of the last oak Mediterranean forests.

Rab Croatia

Weather on Rab Croatia

Diurnal winds on the island are mostly moderate during the summer months, predominantly from NW and rarely exceeding force 4. At night, winds off the mountains affect some of the islands close to the mainland coast. During early spring and autumn conditions can be more unsettled, occasionally accompanied by violent thunderstorms with winds of 30-35 knots or more. In the winter the sudden, violent Northern wind off the mountains, the bora, is much to be feared, especially along the coast from Rijeka down to Zadar.
Equally prevalent in winter is the scirocco, a S/SE wind that blows up from North Africa. Unlike the bora, the scirocco only occasionally exceeds gale force.


How to Get to Rab Croatia

Ferries connect the island of Rab with the mainland port of Stinica and with the neighbouring islands of Krk and Pag. European Coastal Airlines offers multiple daily connections by seaplane from Rab to Zagreb and to Rijeka via Rijeka Airport in Omišalj on the neighboring island of Krk.




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