Losinj is an island in Kvarner. It belongs to the administrative unit of Mali Losinj, that is, part of the Primorje-Gorski kotar County.It is located 31 km in the northwest-southeast direction.Significant settlements on the island are Mali Lošinj and Veli Lošinj.It is artificially divided into two parts in the area of Privlaka.There is a channel made there.This was not the first artificial cut of Lošinj. In the past, Cres and Losinj were a unique island. Only at the artificial canopy of Osor, probably in Roman times, two islands were created to shorten the way, or to circumvent the large island mass on the open sea route.


Weather in Losinj Croatia

The great advantage of the Lošinj climate is that there is a lot of sunshine, that is 2563 hours a year or 7 hours a day on average. This is the result of mostly dry summers and a large number of silent and bright days. By the number of sunny days Mali Losinj is compared with northern African cities and the southern parts of the Adriatic. Mali Losinj has an average annual of about 100 bright days. Due to the favorable climate Mali and Veli Lošinj were proclaimed in 1892 as a climate health resort and rehabilitation center.

Statue of Apoxyomenos (2nd – 1st century B.C.)

Croatian Apoxyomenos: (the “Scraper”) is a bronze statue that dates back to the 1st or 2nd century BC. This type of figure was first developed by the Greek sculptor Lysippos of the 4th century BC. It was discovered underwater in the Losinj archipelago near the uninhabited island of Vele Orjule.
Apoxyomenos is one of the Greek conventions in representing an athlete, caught in the familiar act of scraping sweat and dust from his body with the small curved instrument that the Greeks called a strigil. The statue now resides in the Losinj museum in the Mali Lošinj harbour.





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